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About company

SeoAssistant Company was founded in 2011 in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Our company "SeoAssistant" has been successfully working with projects for more than 10 years.

We work with both large holdings and small companies that are just starting out or already have some success in their fields of activity.

For us, SEO website promotion is the main tool in achieving results (increasing traffic and getting hits).

We strive to pay close attention to the details of each project, and our team members strive to do their job with maximum efficiency.

Company Services

List of services provided by our company.
Order SEO promotion
SEO promotion
A large set of works on internal and external optimization to increase the position of the site in the search results for specific queries, in order to increase traffic to the promoted resource. This tool helps to get traffic for a moderate budget.
Setting up and maintaining advertising in Google Ads
Setting up and maintaining advertising in Google Ads
Systematized work on setting up the Google Ads system to get useful traffic and correct hits. Setting up and maintaining channels: search network, display network, YouTube.
SEO copywriting
Writing texts for website pages. The definition of copywriting is the writing of text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.
Web analytics
A system for measuring, analyzing information about website visitors in order to improve and optimize them. The main task of web analytics is to monitor website traffic based on the data of the site audience and study the behavior of visitors to make decisions on the development and expansion of the functionality of a web resource.
Site audit
Collecting information about the website in order to improve it and the performance of the resource. The analysis allows not only to work on improving the site, but also to carry out work to optimize the budget for online promotion.
Website maintenance
Project technical support is a concept that covers many services. Which ensure the uninterrupted operation of resources on the Internet.

Why do you need to promote your site to the top 10 Google?

Promoting a website in the top 10 Google search results can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

First, ranking high in Google search results can lead to increased website traffic. When a website appears on the first page of Google search results, it is more likely to receive clicks from users, which can lead to more traffic.

Second, ranking high in Google search results can also improve a website's visibility and trust. When a website appears at the top of search results, users may get the impression that the website is a reliable and authoritative source of information, which can increase their trust in the website and its content.

Finally, ranking high in Google search results can also lead to more sales or leads for the business. If a website appears at the top of search results for keywords related to a product or service offered by a business, it can increase the likelihood that users will visit the website and make a purchase or fill out a lead form.

In general, promoting a website to the top ten of Google search results can help increase traffic, improve visibility and trust, and lead to more sales or leads for the business.

Our clients

With several of them, we are working at the moment.

Why is it better to turn to specialists?

There are a number of reasons why it is better to turn to website promotion specialists than to try to do it yourself.

First, website promotion can be a complex and time-consuming process. This requires a deep understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking factors, as well as knowledge of SEO best practices and techniques. SEO professionals have the knowledge and experience to implement strategies and techniques that have proven effective in getting websites into the top 10 Google search results.

Secondly, website promotion requires constant efforts to maintain and improve the ranking of the website. This may include regular monitoring and analysis of website performance, as well as ongoing optimization efforts. Working with a team of specialists can ensure that these tasks are completed efficiently and effectively, freeing up time and resources for other aspects of running the business.

Finally, working with website promotion specialists can also provide access to a wider range of tools and resources that can be helpful when promoting a website. SEOs can have access to specialized software and other tools to help them identify and fix any issues that may affect a website's rankings, as well as track the effectiveness of their efforts.

Overall, hiring a website promotion specialist can help ensure your website is effectively promoted in the top 10 Google search results, as well as save time and resources for other aspects of running your business.
Articles and news

What contributes to the promotion of sites in the top 10?

There are several key characteristics that can make a site suitable for promotion in the organic search engine results of the Google search engine:

Relevant and high quality content. Websites with relevant, well-written, and useful content are more likely to rank high in Google search results. This is because the Google algorithm is designed to display the most relevant and useful results for a given query.

Friendly design. Websites that are easy to navigate and that have a clean, user-friendly design are more likely to rank high in Google search results. This is because Google values websites that provide a good user experience, and user-friendly design can help improve the overall experience of users visiting a website.

Mobile-friendly: As more and more users access the Internet from their mobile devices, it's becoming increasingly important for websites to be mobile-friendly. Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites in its search results, so it's important to make sure a website is responsive and usable on a variety of devices.

Fast loading times: Google also favors websites that load quickly in search results. This is because users are more likely to leave a website that takes a long time to load, and a high bounce rate can negatively impact a website's ranking.

In general, websites with relevant, high-quality content, user-friendly design, mobile-friendliness, and fast loading are likely to rank well in organic Google search results.


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